How much will it cost?
The one and "only" fee I charge is a 10% Management Fee
Take a look at "additional"  fees charged by other management companies

                                          Management Fee
                                          Set up Fee
                                          Leasing Fee
                                          Lease Renewal Fee
                                          Vacancy Fee    (really??)
                                          Eviction Fee
                                          Unpaid Invoice Fee
                                          Extra Duties Fee

Some management companies charge extra to report maintenance  required on your home when they should be visiting & inspecting anyway!

Who is
Robert Reaves is the owner/operator and a licensed Broker in the state of Virginia

                                                              Over 15 years of experience in Property Management  

                                                              Member of National Association of Residential Property Managers

                                                              Member of the National Association of Realtors

                                                              Real Estate Investor with properties of my own

                                                              Virginia Beach resident and Homeowner since 1993.

                                                              Retired Navy Senior Chief with 22 years of active duty, 1980 - 2002      

                                                               B.S. Degree, Computer Information Systems

                                                               A.A. Degree, Liberal Arts

                                                               Minnesota Vikings fan 


As the Sole Proprietor I personally manage which allows me to give your property the undivided and meticulous attention it deserves.

I worked for over two years as a Property Manager at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and learned the details of Property Management. I began acquiring properties of my own and shortly thereafter became a Real Estate Agent.

People-friendly, customer oriented, computer literate, and excellent administrative and organizational skills. I also know how to inspect homes and identify potential problems (a valuable plus for you).

Married my lovely Wife & High School Sweetheart, Emily in August of 1982.  We have three beautiful Daughters Ebony, Roberta, and Tiffany and 5 Grandchildren!  Emily is an Account Clerk with the City of Virginia Beach, Ebony is raising a family in California, Roberta is a Medical Assistant living in Virginia Beach, and Tiffany is a Marketing Director in New York.

                       Not happy with your Property Management situation?
                       Don't know what Property Management is all about?

call ....... 757- 567-0661 ........ we can just talk 

A Property Manager is the "middle man" between Owner & Tenant

My quick & easy 5 step management process;
     1. Meet at the property (or get me the keys) so I can view
     2. Sign Property Management Agreement (
click here for a sample)
     3. Advertise & show the property for rent
     4. Screen prospective Tenants
     5. Start depositing your checks

                                         For more details read my
Property Management Summary

Reaves Property Management      757-567-0661

Landlord Responsibilities

In general, your responsibilities are the same as if you actually lived in the residence. The biggest difference is I'm your “Middle Man”. You maintain your Mortgage, Taxes, Insurance, & Association payments. You & the property still have to comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations.

You will be expected to pay the expenses of Managing, Owning, and Operating the property. For example; classified advertising, maintenance & repairs (tenant informs me of maintenance issues and I handle them with funds from you), legal fees, Finders Fees (if another agent shows your home), and yard upkeep (if needed).

These items are normally paid for out of your received rent. However, you may be asked to contribute funds to cover my out of pocket expenses if a property is vacant for a period of time.

What’s taking so long? .......... Remember, the sales market is experiencing challenging times which can translate into an abundance of available rental properties. We don’t want just anyone in your home, so please…..Be Patient and believe me, we will find the right Tenant for you. 

Home Enhancement is a valuable tool that gives a Seller an advantage in the sales arena. That same principle applies to Landlords & rental property.

We can only expect a Tenant to clean and leave the home in as good a condition as they received it. Let me show you my “Cleaning Guidelines” and see what I look for when I do a move out inspection.