General Rental Terms;
                                                                  • $35/adult, $50/married couple application fee
                                                   • Security Deposit required
                                                   • Credit Check (minimum 600)
                                                   • Employment verification
                                                   • Rental History Reference

                              Renters!......5 quick things to remember:
                                                                  Do a drive-by of the rental home and neighborhood
                                                   • Do a complete & thorough walk thru
                                                   • Pay your rent before the late date, maintain receipts
                                                   • Put any problems you have in writing
                                                   • Do a complete & thorough walk thru upon move out

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where do I start?

I was just told my rental home has been Foreclosed upon!!
                                • Do I have to move immediately?
                         • What are my rights?
                         • What do I do right now?

Renters...the Landlord/Tenant Act is your protection too.
                                                             Click here for a copy

About your Security Deposit

Rental search sites to get you started:

Trulia          Zillow        Hotpads        
Rental homes in Virginia Beach
Virginia Housing Search

Why is my credit so important?
   - It's an ongoing look at your
     personal & employment
     information and shows a
     pattern as to how you manage
     your finances
(such as paying rent.. hint, hint)
        Click here to read more
      about your credit report

Should I rent or buy?
See what this Rent vs Buy Calculator says

How much home can I afford?

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