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The Rental Process

The Rental process is really very simple and includes the 5 simple steps outlined below. Call Robert at 757-567-0661 to get a more detailed explanation of a particular step or I can explain the entire process to you.

1. The Initial Search
Your search for a rental home can start online by visiting websites and sifting through listings in your target area. Some Real Estate offices will give you a list of available rentals with contact info and you can take it from there. You can also enlist the aid of a Real Estate Agent to help you find a rental property much like they would assist a buyer in locating a home for sale.

Compare prices, pictures, floorplans, and more. Narrow your choices down to about 4 or 5 homes.

Make sure you do a drive by of the home and neighborhood. Some suggest you go by multiple times including evenings & weekends to ensure you will be comfortable in your new surroundings........
           *making an appointment to see a home only to arrive and not like the neighborhood wastes everyones time*

2. The Personal Visit
Make arrangements to take personal tours and get a first hand view of the homes on your list. Take notes, compare, and ask questions (i.e. verify available move in date, required utilities, schools, required deposits, payments, etc…). Think about which home has the most appeal and more importantly, will fit your needs.

Make your visit during the day so you can see both the interior & exterior of the home, (sometimes the electricity will be off).

3. The Reservation
Before making your final decision clear up any items of concern or any maintenance issues you may have with the home. If it's that important to you make sure it's in writing "before" signing.

After making your final decision, you’ll need to complete a rental application & pay an application fee. Confirm your move in date & pay a Security Deposit to secure the rental home.
Once you’ve paid the Security Deposit you’ll wait for moving day. As your move in date approaches make arrangements to have your utilities on as of your move in date.

4. The Rental Agreement–Lease Signing
The lease agreement should be reviewed & signed anytime after you sign the Application or make the Security Deposit payment, and before the actual move in date. Your Lease is a binding contract so read it carefully & make sure you get a copy. There is nothing wrong with taking the time to read the entire agreement. You may be required to pay your first month rent at this point.

5. The Move-In
On the date of possession you should be given your keys and the home should be ready to move in. You should be given a "Move in - Move out condition report", this form documents discrepancies to the property both inside and out as of the day you moved in. Do a complete & thorough walk through of the interior & exterior of the home (preferably before furniture is moved in so you won't cover up anything before noting it on your report).

Add any items of concern onto the original report, add extra pages, and/or take pictures, whatever it takes to document discrepancies & conditions you do not want to be responsible for upon your eventual move-out.

                                           **You must return this report to your Landlord within 5 days **

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